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Originally Posted by Rococo View Post
Hey guys, i'm looking to expand my musical horizons!
So I would be much obliged if someone could offer up a few good; Pop, Rap, and or Hip Hop artists!
As a side note most of the rap i've encountered has been full of hate, so mayhap something a little more light-hearted?

Try Could Well Be In by The Streets, and if you like that, try the album from that song, A Grand Don't Come For Free. His rap is satirical in nature and quite funny and witty, and it's -mostly- light-hearted. You could try Das Racist's Puerto Rican Cousins, which is also a fun kind of rap. Gone by Kanye West is also a really good song that's light-hearted and very easy on the ears.

Really though, light-hearted and rap rarely go together. ;

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