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update #1

we start our journey
we received the pokemon voucher oshawott
traded for a Mudkip named Kenpai
caught a patrat on route 19 traded for a Munchlax named Albert
caught a ralts on route 20 and traded for a Scraggy named Luffy(ive watched a ton of one piece lately)
caught a lillipup at Floccesy Ranch and traded for a Timburr named Zoro
We fight Weedle our rivel(hardy named us caterpi and our rival weedle because he is a caterpie IRL heh) we won with everyone alive
we fight roxanne the first hoenn gym leader and lose Albert,Kenpai and Zoro nooooo D:
were alone Luffy D: oh well i think he might be able to handle himself for at least cheren until we can get another pokemon
we got the basic bagde yay
we got the super rod from cheren
fished up a Corphish in virbank complex(didnt go far enough to be in the city) and traded it for a Riolu named Lola
fished up a Finneon in virbank city and traded it for a Dratini named Usopp(because usopp wants to be a warrior of the sea and dratini is pretty bad until dragonite and usopp finally gets there to be a warrior of the sea late in the anime.
NOOO we went to virbank complex to train Usopp and Lola up and the 2nd trainer crit both Lola and Usopp D: so Luffy is alone again D: /cry Luffy will be alone forever... until he gets critted too and dies
We Challenged Brawly and nooo luffy got one shot by his first pokemon with DynamicPunch

welp everyone died so im terrible at nuzlockes D:
dead:Albert Munchlax lvl 11
Kenpai Mudkip lvl 11
Zoro Timburr lvl 12
Lola Riolu lvl 13
Usopp Dratini lvl 13
Luffy Scraggy lvl 21

im going to try again fresh run
game:blaze black 2
rules:if a pokemon dies its dead and it goes into the box forever
can only catch the first pokemon on the route
pokemon caught on the route are used as vouchers for an egg inside pc
all pokemon must be nicknamed
i can use rare candies to lvl the egg to whatever level the caught pokemon voucher was
duplicate rule is off