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Originally Posted by Zemekis View Post
Okay, i'll look back through/search the thread. Do you know how to change both options to "Boy"? Both methods are acceptable, so if you could give me some pointers on doing the double-Boy option, that'd be great!
Well, you would have to change Oak's inrtro text to say who are you instead of what. You can do this in A-text, a hex editor, or even a script editor, though A-text would be the easiest. Then, you would have to create two different character sprites, both boys, and insert one over the girls sprite using NSE or un-Lz. So, basically replace everything girl with guy. The toughest part might be changing the multi-choice box which asks if you are a girl or a guy to say something based on the qualities of your two choice for boys, like tough kid and smart kid. I am not quite sure how to chance the multi choice box, but you may be able to find it in A-text.

Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
in fire red what is it that keeps your pokes from evolving into gen 2 pokemon? I would like to allow users to catch and raise gen 2 pokemon as starters (a catch your own starter instead of taking the 3 choices)
The answer has come up before in this thread. I can't remember right now, but you are still supposed to search before asking.

Edit: I think you need to give the player the national Pokedex.

Originally Posted by prnoct90 View Post
I have two questions:

1. Is there a hack of fire red that pretty much just leaves the game itself alone, but makes it so all pokemon can be caught/evolved in game (as opposed to trading)?

2. Is any team working on a hack that combines all the "real" regions into one complete game?
1) Probobly, I know that there is one for Emerald. Try looking for a FireRed Complete or FireRed 386 in the showcase.

2) This is really tough due to space requirements. The closest I think would be the 649 patches by Jambo51 and Chaos Rush.

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