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Originally Posted by RingoH View Post
Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
There isn't really much they can do about it other than making it so that certain Pokemon can only asked for or traded at a certain level. That takes more work and we all know no one likes to work well, most people at least.

I think here it's mostly that the extra work won't equal extra money. People don't pay to use the GTS, so this flaw in it's design (which should have been percieved by Nintendo/GameFreak before release... *sigh*) is something that we all just have to deal with. I am guessing that a lot of those requests for low level Lengedary's are just kids that don't know better and have no clue that if they get what they are asking for it will be a hack.
Or it's just a bunch of people trying to clone them via the GTS glitch.
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