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    I thought about posting here for quite a while. (I honestly think I've been stalking this particular thread for almost a year). I really don't know why I didn't before or why I am now, but I guess it was just me being myself.

    I've read a lot of the posts here and came to understand and respect several point of views. I'd like to be able to say that I know I'm gay (actually a lesbian, ... is there a difference? or can a girl say she's gay too? Hmm...), but I can't because I don't.

    I've absolutely no problem with being gay, but I'd like to be able to define myself (not for other people, but for me). I'm going to university next year (hopefully) and while I don't think it's a massive hurdle, I'm starting to feel that my 'cluelessness' about my sexuality is taking a lot of my time. Time that should go to trying to decide what to do next year and making some big decisions. I'm not sure why I suddenly 'decided' that this is so important for me to know and why I think that it's limiting me in other things. If I had to guess, I'd say that it's because next year I'm supposed to have and know everything. I'm supposed to know what to do with my life and I can't do that if I still don't fully know who I am.

    I just needed someplace to vent and you all seem like such nice people . Either way, I'd like to join (if you'd have me).
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