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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
The point of the debate was, "because hero came to stop super villain from continuing what super villain was doing that caused hero to act, does that alone attract more super villains?" It's like that attract more bees with honey idiom, but in this case the bees are the villains and the honey is the superhero. I feel the topic wasn't really brushed up on by many people.
Do you mean to ask if a hero's presence attract more villains (villains who are already around somewhere doing stuff), that is, help congregate them all in one area, or do you mean to ask if a hero's presence will encourage/create more villains? Or both?

I still think that comic villains are like real world bad people. Some are out to make a statement, topple governments, etc. and want to be seen by everyone so those types are going to try to do the worst they can (and in a comic world where it's possible to get superpowers that's what they'll aim for). But I guess when you do consider that super villains are a step up from regular villains like the real world has, there could be a tendency for villains to want to escalate to keep themselves on top. But I think they'd do that regardless of whether there was a super hero on the scene or not.

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