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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Cafetaria

    Kilik answered Mana's question with a rather expressionless looking face. He said the food was okay, was he kidding? the food was amazing! Somehow Mana knew Kilik wasn't feeling so well, but asking him probably was no option... it's not like he'll tell her anyway. He asked Mana how she came to have Espeon DNA running through her blood, didn't she explain that earlier? or didn't she? Mana wasn't sure of herself anymore and choosed to explain again with ofcourse, Fox watching her every movement.

    "It all started when my mother deceased when I was younger," Mana took a small break to take a bite of her delicious looking Salmon filet, but soon she swallowed it away and continued to explain. "I never had a good bond with my father so when my mother deceased it only got worser. Soon he took away my precious Eevee for his experiments in the lab where he worked." Mana glanced at the plate she was holding as her hunger slowly started to fade. Afterall, this wasn't one of her best memories. "My father is a scientist and after a few months I heard him cussing about how his experiment failed and that my precious Eevee had evolved to an Espeon. His experiment was about finding a new eeveelution and since Felicity had evolved... there was a high chance for him to get fired." Mana took another break again, just to take a bite from her delicious-looking fish. "... His boss ordered him to offer his only daughter for a new experiment where they tried to create a human with Pokémon features. This contained Pokémon attacks and their looks, however... this experiment failed as well when it seemed like I didn't have any of these Pokémon features and only could use attract. His boss allowed him to take me home, but... once I got home..." Mana's smile was gone, this...

    "My father had this disgusted look on his face and called me all kind of things before telling me I wasn't allowed to stay and had to leave his home." Mana's smile returned, there was a little feature of sadness found in that smile though. She didn't like to talk about this experience, and she already had told more than she was planning to. It certainly was because this was the first time she had shared the secret she had held on to for so long... and now three people knew about it!

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