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Originally Posted by Broken_Arrow View Post
lol..come on people,cheer isn't couples only's about loving all the people you love and specially the one you romantically love..if you don't have that someone yet it doesn't mean you won't have him\her!! you still have your family and friends and ...Mmm *rolleyes* strangers!! *giggles* can you imagine running towards a stranger and telling him "I love you"..i bet they gonna freak out and run and it would be so funny!! xD
You sound like my mother, and I hate you for that, ruining the fun of sulking about cause I don't have a date for Valentine's Day.

Originally Posted by .EJ View Post
^what kind of Bio class is it?


The site's safe as can be. The content of some of the boards /b/ and the other NSFW boards is the problem per se. I mainly browse /mu/, /vp/ and /wg/ (Music, Pokemon, and Wallpapers)
Well if you say so, I guess I can use 4chan...

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