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Originally Posted by Eiffelle View Post

I'm kinda new here and I'm looking for DW Golett (adamant nature). It's one my mooooost favorite in Generation V. If you could help me, I really appreciate it and I'll take good care of it.

Uhmm, I don't have lots of Pokemon this time so I hope we can work this out.

Thank you.

Unfortunately I don't have a DW Gollet yet

Originally Posted by LegendTriforce View Post
I see you have two Meloetta; I would like to trade for one. I have every single Pokemon, and I am able to IV breed and EV train them, as well. However, I'm afraid I don't have many DW Pokemon.

If you're interested, PM me, but only long as you don't plan to clone it first. I have a little pet-peeve about clones, and thus, I will not accept them. You have two Meloetta, so I thought maybe you'd be willing to part with one. If that is not the case, feel free to ignore this~
Nope, events and non-breedables will be clones. Sorry :/

Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
Hey there masaru3, could you CMT for these:

Level 70, Timid, Pressure
Holding: King's Rock
Psystrike x Shadow Ball x Aura Sphere x Electro Ball
IVs: 0/16/16/21/6/28, HP: 50 Ground
OT: FEB2012

Level 30, Relaxed, Pressure
Sheer Cold x Air Slash x ExtremeSpeed x Aqua Ring
IVs: 22/13/25/29/26/14
OT: WIN2011

Level 75, Naughty, Air Lock
Earthquake x Fly x Outrage x Dragon Dance
IVs: 3/19/30/24/9/17
EVs: 8/25/13/9/24/32
OT: ノブナガ
Notes: Touched

Level 5, Bold, Serene Grace
Wish x Confusion x Rest
IVs: 8/10/21/8/12/16, HP: 31 Fight

Level 50, Jolly, Victory Star
Holding: Fire Gem
V-Create x Fusion Flare x Fusion Bolt x Searing Shot
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31, HP: 70 Dark
OT: Movie14
Notes: RNG'd by me when I had a DSlite

Level 50, Timid, Justified
Sacred Sword x Swords Dance x Hydro Pump x Aqua Jet
IVs: 10/16/22/17/8/25
OT: HVR2013

Level 15, Modest, Serene Grace
Quick Attack x Confusion x Round x Relic Song
IVs: 14/4/15/26/13/20
OT: えいがかん

Level 15, Timid, Serene Grace
Quick Attack x Confuison x Round
IVs: 14/13/29/20/12/21
OT: えいがかん
#151 ミュウ (LV 5)
OT: ススム ID: 11219
Modest - Synchronize - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untouched

#243 RAIKOU (LV 30)
Rash - Pressure - 09/20/03/19/30/28 - Untouched
Zap Cannon - Aura Sphere - ExtremeSpeed - Weather Ball

#244 エンテイ (LV 30)
OT: クラウン ID: 06180
Adamant - Pressure - 31/31/31/27/31/31 - Untouched
Flare Blitz - Howl - ExtremeSpeed - Crush Claw

#385 JIRACHI (LV 5)
Jolly - Serene Grace - 31/31/31/30/30/31 - Untouched
Wish - Confusion - Rest - Draco Meteor

#382 カイオーガ (LV 80)
OT: フクオカ ID: 03172
Bold - Drizzle - 31/5/31/31/31/31 - Untouched
Ice Beam - Ancient Power - Water Spout - Thunder

#383 グラードン (LV 80)
OT: フクオカ ID: 03172
Adamant - Drought - 31/31/31/6/31/31 - Untouched
Earthquake - Ancient Power - Eruption - Solar Beam

#623 ゴルーグ
OT: ジャンタ ID: 06171
Adamant - Iron Fist - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untouched
Hyper Beam - Hammer Arm - Shadow Punch - Gyro Ball

#393 ポッチャマ (LV 15)
OT: リサイタル ID: 07202
Timid - Torrent - 21/27/27/12/19/22 - Untouched
Peck - Sing - Round - FeatherDance

Let me know if you wanna trade this

Originally Posted by Dale View Post
Could I request a female DW Gligar?
It would be greatly appreciated
I will try to get this done soon, but know that I have a lot on my hands right now so it might take a while.
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