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I hate training to level 100. It's a pain in the butt. I have a bunch of Pokemon that are 70-90 between all my games, but I have only...5 or 6 level 100 Pokemon in total, I wanna say. And that's collectively, not all on one game.

Anyway, my first level 100 was CHICTOR the Blaziken in Ruby. I still have her and will be using her in my next Hall of Fame team in my challenge on Emerald. She's also the oldest Pokemon I have, from a Ruby file made in 2004. She has Toxic, Sky Uppercut, Slash, and Fire Blast. Not bad for 11 year old me, but I prefer Flamethrower. I would change it, but eh, it'd feel wrong to do that since it's had that for so long. I think I only did it for Beauty Contests anyway, now that I think back. And yes, her name is CHICTOR. All caps galore. v_v

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