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    This takes place in a new region called Senta, which has band new pokemon in it. The pokemon professor is a woman named Willow. This game has a darker tone than most of the pokemon games that have come over. The land of Senta has been ravaged by a war waged by the Senity Team, who conquered the land. They have a base in each of the major cities and control mostly everything. They don't allow many people to become pokemon trainers because they fear rebellion will occur if they allow this. They have also been taking the souls of pokemon and making them fight for no reason at all it seems. They do believe that if they collect enough pokemon souls that the Legendary Pokemon on the region will make itself known to stop the pain and suffering of others.

    They plan to take the soul of the Legendary Pokemon and use it to take over the other regions. You can be male or female in the game and you will get to start from 3 starters as normal; they are a fire hyena, a grass/bug grasshopper, and a water snake and your rival will choose the one that beats yours. The game will start with you going to see Professor Willow along with your rival to get your pokemon. After you do that, the small town will be attacked by agents of Team Senity and they take off with Professor Willow and your sister, hoping they can help them learn a quicker way of extracting the soul of pokemon.

    You and your rival decide to go and rescue them, but in different ways. You choose to take the normal route of going to each of the bases and defeating each of the leaders and to where your rival chooses to infiltrate them and go undercover to get them back. This means that you two will have no choice but to fight each other along the way. This is the start of your journey after you take the pokedex from the table and the map as well. When you exit the lab, the whole town in in ruins and as you progress in the game the town will get rebuilt and you will be able to donate money and certain items to the town to help it rebuild.

    Region Map:

    Fire Starter: Sirius the fire hyena

    Grass Starter: Libra the grasshopper

    Water Starter: Silmork the water snake

    Your Character:

    Base Leaders:
    Water Base: Aerial
    Dark Base: Luna
    Rock Base: Terra
    Fire Base: Cyna
    Poison Base: Medusa
    Flying Base: Aero
    Fighting Base: Keni
    Dragon Base: Odlet

    What I Still Need:

    -Someone to do the overworld spriters of the trainers, leaders, etc.

    Main Game-Me
    Fakemon- Sunfished and Ęℓαчиıı
    Mapper- elarmasecreta
    Region Maker- NikNaks
    Fakemon Spriter/Artist/ People Spriter- joeyhugg

    I'm now converting this to RPG Maker VX Ace with the Crystal Engine.

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