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    "How about you Torrent? Any adventures before Shaymin?", Omega asked. I smiled, lost in time. "My Swampert and I have been buddies since forever. My parents say he hatched at the same moment I was born. Even I wasn't 10 yet, we trained with each other anyways and have been through everything. We met Gardevoir as a Ralts on the first day of our official journey. A Poochyena was bothering her and we came to her assistance. We've had a bond ever since then. Zoroark followed me around for awhile before I caught her. She's quite the trickster if you can believe it. I caught my Salamance, Krookodile, and Blaziken, like the rest of my team, without battling. Thats my story."

    I looked expectantly at Omega as the ship rocked gently in the waves. "What's your story?"
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