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Incoming random post with no context whatsoever:

At the college I went to in Seattle, there were two GSA-type clubs, religious clubs weren't allowed at all, and they had a very strict no bullying policy. They made it very clear that any bullying whatsoever, even verbal, would get you kicked out of the school really fast, and had several discussions and even classes on the subject.

Where I'm going now, in Redneckville, Oregon, there is a Mormon club, and a Christian club with posters all over, its own page on the school website, and its name right at the top of the club list. There is a GSA but it's not listed on the official list of clubs, even though it's been an officially active club for 7 years. I've never heard anything about it, seen any posters or found anything on the website without a searching google. No mention of bullying or any anti-bullying policy has ever been made.

Not surprising of course, but just some observations about how different the two places are.