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One can never have too many friends, can he? Count me in, this sounds like fun!

Anyway, I'm a twenty year old Dutch city-kid who loves to talk about travelling and life in other countries. I'm that guy who's interested in lots of things, yet never got around into actually doing the majority of them. Being cheerful and curious, I can make jokes and ask questions about almost everything, often causing quite some trouble. I doubt I've been in a good conversation in which I didn't have to apologize. I'm studying computer science, with a focus on game technology. College life is keeping me fairly busy, but in my spare time I like to work on my pokemon fangame, listen to music or just simply relax and chat or doing nothing at all.

Name: Arma
Pair: friendly. However, if you come across someone who matches my profile, feel free to give me a regular, or even a romantic pair for that matter (I'm a bit skeptical about the latter one occurring though, but hey, you never know, right?) Please note that I'm a straight guy.
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