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    It's pretty.. The map is also pretty.. This is the 1st time I liked a 3d pokemon game @[email protected]
    It would be nice if the rocks can be destroyed after takiing hits..
    One thing that, I THINK that you would need to work is when you're in control of your pokemon..
    Camera is a bit fast, rotating etc.. I PERSONALLY would like it to decrease the camera rotation, and keep an option that would lock on your Pokemon.. I'm used to drag my mouse when playing a game like this, than to click and click on the map.. Overall it's pretty, strategic wise I guess(Because of charmander's smoke screen).
    • Obviously, type weaknesses.
    • Terrain effects, (standing on water will amplify electric attacks, vice versa on fire attack).
    • The demolish objects thingy.
    • Status conditions.
    • WASD and "Jump" movement for your pokemon
    • Decrease the camera rotation and speed.. More.... stable. ;P

    I don't know else where to post this, but I've found a couple of bug?..
    • If your pokemon is out and click a charmander, the charmander will run towards your pokemon right? But if you suddenly return your pokemon to it's pokeball, the enemy charmander will keep on running and your screen will get stuck on that scene? ;P

      ^They are running towards nothing^
    • You can return your pokemon wherever you are, if your pokemon is in a "crater".

      ^Pokeball's laser, is uber long and passes through the ground.. My Pikachu is in the lake^