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    Recently, I decided to get back into playing Pokemon. However, I haven't played a Pokemon game in years. I left off at Generation III, having played Red, Silver, Sapphire, and LeafGreen. Since then, another two generations have come, and the sixth generation is on our doorsteps. Beside that, there have been numerous spin-offs, some of dubious quality, and some I hear good things about.

    I would like some guidance on which games I should play at this juncture. I played LeafGreen again recently, but it was not as good as I recall. I'm sure that's partly because I've played it twice before (including the Gen I version). However, I imagine the game's age played a large part: I kept comparing it to later generation games that I would read about, which sounded more enticing, and to other games I have played since I was first exposed to LeafGreen so many years ago.

    What would you recommend I do? I could play Platinum and hit all the main generation games up through X/Y. Or I could just wait and play X/Y when it comes out. Or play only select games.

    I have a couple concerns. First, the story in the games I have played was serviceable, but not spectacular. I am concerned that, like with LeafGreen, all of the Pokemon games' stories are just vehicles for the combat.

    Second, I know the mechanics do not change much between the games; or at least that is what I assume. If I play one of the later generation games, will I notice a significant difference in gameplay from LeafGreen?

    In general, I'm concerned that the games will be an example of "Once you've played one, you've played them all".

    Beside that, are there any side-games you would recommend I play?

    P.S. I thought I had already created this thread, but I guess there was a system error or a mistake. I can't find any record of it.