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    Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
    I just beated the 1st Gym Leader of Pokemon Neo Soul Silver with the following team:

    For Hoothoot
    Swinub lvl 10 (used it to try freeze with powder snow and/or take it his oran berry, but this time he put me asleep on his second attack and defeated my swinub)
    Geodude lvl 14 (RockThrow him to death, he put me asleep 1 turn so I could wake up and kick his... =D )

    For Wingull:
    Zubat lvl 10 (Used Fake Out to be 1st and take a bit of HP from him, and tried to supersonic him, but he finished killing me without take damage from confusion and he freed next turn)
    Totodile lvl 17 (Bite him until he is dead)

    For Staravia:
    Geodude lvl 13 (I used Rock Polish, but you don't need to do that, because he uses Double Team and still faster than you, so Rock Throw him until he dies.)

    Now really, where the 1st gym leader had lot of potions? o.O
    He was tough, but ... NEXT Azalea Town.
    lol seems like an interesting run, dude. Hoothoot and Staravia is always his most annoying Pokemon to deal with whenever I'm playing with him too. Did u catch Swinub in Dark Cave? all mah time in playing mah hack...I never thought of going inside their to catch pokemon. all I evar see are Dunsparce and Geodude...and some other pokemon that's prolly...most likely get its ass thrash by the Falkner.

    Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
    I just beated the 2nd Gym Leader of Pokemon Neo Soul Silver with the following team:

    For Yanma:
    Quilava lvl 21 (I caught cyndaquil at lvl 10 before Union Cave. Flame Wheel Yanma until he is dead, don't give him any chance, because he has 2 Super Potions)

    For Surskit:
    Zubat lvl 16 (Fake Out, to make sure he doesn't have Focus Sash, then Wing Attack)

    For Mothim:
    Geodude lvl 18 (Try Rock Throw but im slower)
    Zubat lvl 16 (Fake Out for same reason)
    Mareep lvl 14 (A try to paralyze him with thunder wave)
    Quilava lvl 22 (Two Flame Wheels and it's done)

    Now really, I didn't expect my Geodude to be useless on this gym and die with one Silver Wind T_T
    So, u caught a Cyndaquil. I'm not all that keen on using more than one starter in mah party. It's just by this code I go by. I only put them in the wild, cuz...well...that's what fans like yourself want, right? So, there ya go. ^w^

    As for your battle. Only Mothim gives me trouble too. Its fully evolved and have s*it loads of speical on mah game. so that's why geodude went out with one Silver Wind. Sorry. lol What u shoulda did was para it wih your mareep and exploit its double weakness to rock with woulda won without a faint. you team is well built for the bug type.
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