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    I voted both. Though I do like Krys better (because of the manga) Lyra is actually very similar to her. I know the creators said that they made Lyra from scratch, but that's bull. Lyra and Krys both have the same hair-type with those cute little low pigtails. Also there body-type and stature are similar as well. Honestly it just seemed like they dyed Krys's hair brown and slapped a new more themed outfit on her. The rival character in Heart Gold/Soul Silver is SUPER annoying and cheery. Which isn't a bad thing if your in a bad mood. But when your wanting to advance to the next areas and battles its kindof annoying. Plus since I'm pretty sure this game was more directed as males, it makes Ethan (game-version of Gold) seem really girly and well....ya know. Nothing wrong against that of course, just doesn't match his intended personality. And that Marill, dear sweet Arceus...well enough ranting frum me X3
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