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Species: Nidoran ♀
OT: Prim
Nickname: Lilith
Shiny: N
Trait: Hustle
Level: 58
Gender: Female
IVs: [ 31 | 1 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 ]
Moves: [ Flatter, Crunch, Captivate, Poison Fang ]
Legality Analysis: Pokecheck

Species: Nidoran♂
OT: Moxxi
Nickname: Roland
Shiny: N
Trait: Rivalry
Level: 12
Gender: Male
IVs: [ 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 ]
Moves: [ Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick]
Legality Analysis: Pokecheck

Lilith specializes in utilizing the elements and disorienting foes. By using her hidden trait, she becomes invisible, invincible, and can quickly enter and exit the fray. She's powerful, confident, and boastful. To some degree, she considers herself as a god of sorts. Although she's traveled through the galaxy to learn more of her mysterious heritage, she has never kissed a boy until...

On a bus. A group of misfits boarded a bus, which is driving through a desolate wasteland of a planet, the Badlands. Just what drawn these strangers to hop on the bus? An ex-soldier, Roland, sits across from Lilith...

Roland is proficient in non-elemental attacks, but can also support and strengthen his teammate. He is known for using his turret to obliterate foes. He's quiet and can be incredibly blunt since he has poor social skills. However, he is one of the most virtuous and stable individuals, which is saying a lot, considering the barbarous environment. There were many alluring qualities about him, but to simply kiss a stranger, just because... Would it ever become something more? Affection? Love?

As the two spend more time with each other, they balance each other a little bit more. Lilith becomes a tad more shy, and Roland becomes a tad more reckless. Lilith attempts to flirt and/or play hard to get. She is even adorkable at times when she cannot find the right words to say to him. She leaves Roland confused, but he has come to accept more people, all sorts of crazy characters. Although he dislikes publicity, he rises as the group leader. They work well together in taking down the most fascist jerk in the region. An ultimate sacrifice...

Say not in grief: "He is no more." but live in thankfulness that he was.