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Ha! He was right! Judging by the past attacks, anything involving work underground had to be suspicious... could this mean another attack was incoming underground? Snype had to be sure... this girl still had more info! However she seemed to catch on and attacked Snype! Snype was hit directly with the Shadow Ball attack and quickly took notice of Veletra trying to escape. He quickly used Shadow Sneak, causing his shadow to extend and to turn into a physical form, ambushing her by jumping right in front of her and attacking with its sharp claws. This would hopefully send her flying right back into Snype, where he would grab her by the throat.

"Kehehe... you could have just kept quiet... what I stated was a mere theory! I had no idea of what you were doing! I was actually considering letting you go... however..." Snype stared into her eyes, as if piercing her soul. He gave her a cold hard slap across the face. "It seems you decided to tell me the entire truth... and now you'll pay for your disobedience... kehehe..." Snype said. He began to drag her along the floor to the other sentinels. Once he went back to them, he gave off a large menacing smile. "Tie her up or something. Use some psychic voodoo magic thing so that she doesn't fade through whatever holds her down. She helped our intruder escape underground... meaning there's likely underground tunnels right below us. Unless you want a repeat of Eternity City, you'll look into it." Snype said, acting like he was the boss all of a sudden... but he had some valuable information and this ghost had some valuable info herself!

"Kehe... oh... and make sure she doesn't try doing anything reckless like suicide. Keep her alive until we beat out every piece of information out of her. I have another plan if she doesn't... bring out some of the citizens. They can watch and see what happens to traitors." Snype said, smirking evilly. Those citizens were all part of the plan as well though! If she didn't comply... then she wouldn't be the only one on the brink of death...

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