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    The Rotation Challenge!


    What is the Rotation Challenge you ask? Well, the Rotation Challenge requires you to use only 1 pokemon per gym, but a different one on every gym. So, for example, if I have Totodile, Hoothoot, and Rattatta, on the 1st gym, I could use any pokemon I want. If I used Hoothoot, then on gym 2, Hoothoot can't be used, whether it evolved into Noctowl or not. If on gym 2 I used Totodile, then on the 3rd, I could use Hoothoot again! Get it?

    The rules are as fallows.
    1. Emulators are allowed
    2. Cheating of any kind is not allowed, whether it be hacking or codes.
    3. If playing R/S/E, then you can use to pokemon on Tate & Liza, but neither of them could have been used on the previous gym.
    4. Pokemon can not breeding abused. (EV's, Hidden Ablilities's, Egg Moves, etc.)
    5. You can not use legendaries of any kind. (A list of legendaries, in case you don't know...)

      Whew! That took a long time.....
    6. You can use an evolution hacker to hack the level of an evolution, if you can't trade or meet whatever criteria needed.
    7. You may not use the same pokemon twice in a row for gyms. Two can be used on double battle gyms, but neither could have been used on the previous gym. YOU CAN ONLY 1 USE POKEMON PER GYM!!!!
    8. You may NOT have 2 of the same pokemon on your team.
    9. If a pokemon is version exclusive to the counterpart of your game (Glameow and Stunky, Vulpix and Growlithe respectively), then you may switch it with the version exclusive in your game, (swapping Vulpix for Growlithe).
    10. You may use your whole team on the E4 and Champion.
    11. Your challenge ends when you beat the E4 and Champion, you don't have to beat Steven or Wallace, just the E4 and Champion.
    Hard Mode
    The Hard Mode of this challenge is, well, hard!! There are more restrictions, and some rules are exempt.
    Exempt Rules: 6 and 9.
    New Rules:
    1. You must pay to heal. The cost is $100 per pokemon. If you heal, go to a pokemart and buy the respective ammount of items, then trash them.
    2. You may only catch wild pokemon, or use pokemon given to you.
    3. Your challenge ends when you beat the E4 for the second time through.

    Easy Mode
    Easy mode is easier (Duh!).
    Exempt Rules: 5, 8, 7, 4
    Signup Form
    Name -
    Mode - (Easy/Normal/Hard)
    Game(s) -

    Name - Lockdown
    Mode - Normal
    Game(s) - LG, HG, E, Pt, B2


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