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    Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

    The glint of TrueStriker's Gold Tribe emblem caught Daricka's eye as he lifted it to allow the sunlight to bounce off it. Curious, she turned her head in the direction the light was shining and watched as a Meganium emerged from the trees and approached them. "Please don't be alarmed, I am on your side," she said. "My name is Dinorah. Are you all from Gold Tribe?"

    "Yes, we're all gold tribe, except the three younglings over there," Blitzkrieg replied with a nod towards the three pre-evolutions. "And what is someone like you doing here, at this hour?"

    “Yes, it’s unusual for someone to be traveling by themselves all the way out here," Vigil put in. "Especially by themselves. My name is Zane Tyrael, known as Vigil. Would you mind telling us what you’re doing out here?”

    Daricka focused on Dinorah with her closed expression, also wondering about these things but not seeing the point in repeating the question. "Well, it's a bit of a long story, but here's the short version. I'm from Shine City, and planned to apply to join Gold Tribe, but the day I decided to go for it, happened to be the same day Shine City was invaded." As the Meganium continued with her story, Daricka watched her closely for any signs that she might be lying while her hands moved to replace a small bunch of uneaten berries back into her pack. Seeing nothing that gave her reason to disbelieve the newcomer - for the moment, least ways - she swung her pack over her shoulder and rose to her feet. Now that they had made Dinorah's acquaintance, she was sure they would be on their way before long. Sure enough, after a short-lived conversation with the trio that would serve as their guides, Vigil called for the Gold Tribe to move out.

    Per usual, Daricka trekked along silently, her attention constantly on the path ahead as well as the surrounding trees. She came to a sudden halt with the rest of the group as Lashire raised a hand, saying, "Wait, we're near the tunnel." He leaned down and pulled up what at first appeared to be grass, but what Daricka soon realized was really just a camouflaged blanket, and beneath it was the gaping black mouth of the tunnels. "Down this way," the Pawniard said. "We'll be going into a very dark passage, but make no lights. No fire no nothing. Fire is easily seen from a long distance down here. One flame and every Ancient will be on us. Just keep close and you fall behind... well... just make sure it doesn't happen."

    Daricka took note of this, thanking Arceus for the dark coloration of her flames, which only brightened if they lost contact with her body for a long enough period of time. After Vigil's warning to be careful, the Gold Tribe trooped on into the tunnels after Lashire and Saul. Once they'd all gathered inside, Lashire shut the hole that had allowed them entrance, allowing darkness to encompass them all.

    "Follow me Gold Tribe. For the most part it is a straight shot, but every so often I'll tell you all when to make a turn or what not. Don't miss the turns. We can't spend time searching for you in the miles of tunnels, the best advice I can give you if that happens is try to find your way back to this area and get out of the tunnels. Once an Ancient finds ya, that's it." With these last words of advice, they set off into the maze of tunnels.

    As they walked, Bloodthirster seemed to become more and more restless, thought she doubted he was the only one. "Auron is toying with us," the Salamence suddenly announced aloud.

    Her oceanic eyes flashed over to him as she prepared to reprimand him for speaking so loudly, but TrueStriker beat her to it. Well, his method was probably the better of the two. "Less noise," the Gallade relayed to them telepathically. "You have a point, though. Considering all the Ancients that there must be, and the Sentinels...something for when we have time to talk."

    As she had thought, Daricka wasn't the only one wondering about these things. There was an thought that had crossed her mind many times since their last encounter with Sentry; but as TrueStriker had said, such talk should wait for when they had the time to really discuss it.