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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Lavender Town to Mountain Region

    Chapter One: Part One
    A Valiant Return

    Showered, shaven, better dressed, better prepared. A new backpack full of well-packed equipment and materials; you'd think there was hammerspace in there. Food, drink, and various survival equipment filled the main pocket. Herbs and berries on a side pocket, and some potions and Pokeballs on the other side. A nice black backpack for storage that is big enough to carry plenty, but not so big as to get in the way. The shoulder straps were pulled into place, as the figure turned and faced the Gardevoir. The Flareon in his arms he petted slowly.

    "Z," The figure started, a soft, yet deep voice, tinged with a tone of determination, "can you get us there?"

    "Of course," the Gardevior's calm, feminine voice echoed, "provided that Ki can locate their exact coordinates."

    "I can," the Lucario replied, "it's been a long time, but I can still recognize their auras if we get near them. It shouldn't be too hard. According to that shopkeeper, it's only been a day."

    "A day..." The young man adjusted his glasses. "It felt like so much longer... Nonetheless... We've gotta get back to them. I wonder if they even noticed my absence..."

    Ki gave somewhat of a shrug. "I know one person did, at the very least, and I'd like to see what she does when you return."

    "Right..." He shifted his glasses, redirecting his attention to the Gardevoir. "Ready?"


    The figure formed a faint smile. "To Lethia."

    "To Lethia," the three said in unison, before all four of them dissolved into nothing.

    The figure appeared in the loft. It seemed everything was at peace now. Stroking the Flareon, he gave both the Lucario and the Gardevoir a glance. "Well?"

    "This place... It's beautiful. Though I'm guessing your friends aren't here?" The Gardvoir seemed stunned by the night sky, the dense forests surrounding the loft, and the mountain in the distance. However, her gaze was cut short.

    Ki took a step forward. "They're over there. I can tell exactly how far. They're on the path toward the mountain, likely setting up camp for the night."

    "Perfect," spoke the figure. "You got this, Z?"

    "On it." With a bit of a sigh, she placed a hand on both the figure and the Lucario, and everyone was transported once more.

    "There's... Um... Shadoan. And Jack." A delighted gleam sparkled in his eyes, as he slowly walked up to their campsite, feeling a slow smile growing.

    "Shadoan... Jack... It's been a while." Kiba grinned, his slightly deeper voice no doubt getting their attention.

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