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Originally Posted by QuilavaKing View Post
Incoming random post with no context whatsoever:

At the college I went to in Seattle, there were two GSA-type clubs, religious clubs weren't allowed at all, and they had a very strict no bullying policy. They made it very clear that any bullying whatsoever, even verbal, would get you kicked out of the school really fast, and had several discussions and even classes on the subject.

Where I'm going now, in Redneckville, Oregon, there is a Mormon club, and a Christian club with posters all over, its own page on the school website, and its name right at the top of the club list. There is a GSA but it's not listed on the official list of clubs, even though it's been an officially active club for 7 years. I've never heard anything about it, seen any posters or found anything on the website without a searching google. No mention of bullying or any anti-bullying policy has ever been made.

Not surprising of course, but just some observations about how different the two places are.
Redneckville, Oregon :p

That's pretty interesting. I guess how people view sexuality really depends on what region you live in (and how open-minded they are about it), and in this specific case, which State you're in. I attend a state college, but clubs aren't really publicized as much as I had anticipated they would be when I first started at the school. I guess that's partly due to the fact that I go to a college as opposed to a large university. Nonetheless, you do definitely see some club advertisements around the school sometimes. I haven't seen any for the LGBT club, though, but I know there is one at my school because I've been in the SGA office before and they have their own little cubicle and poster-advertisement thingy.

That's a nice observation, though, although that's kind of disheartening to know some clubs are favored over others just because of their mission/purpose. >.<

Originally Posted by Buzz Buzz View Post
I’m not good with emotions, either. I’ve never been in a relationship before so it’s hard for me to give you advice on “love”. It is definitely one of those subjects that is very hard to explain or understand. I mean, although I’ve never been in a relationship, I know for a fact that I’m attracted to the same sex because, well, you just know. I hope I’m making some sense here, haha. I know I’m homosexual because I like males, and you like females, so I guess that labels us as gay? I guess what you’re confused about is whether or not you’re romantically attracted to women or are just attracted to them as friends. For me, I’m definitely not attracted to females because I’m just not. There is no physical or romantic attraction there, but I do admire females as friends. It’s not that easy to explain, haha. :\

I do think I’m capable of having a romantic relationship with a male just like you with a female. I don’t know what you mean that you have feelings “for a lot of people”, but I’m guessing you’re saying that you don’t have feelings for just one person at a time (in this case, female), but for multiple people. I could be totally wrong, though. :p

Don’t worry! You’re not rambling! You’re just expressing what you feel and that’s completely fine. We’re all human and it’s natural to feel what you do. We all go through it and one point or another. I tried to understand what you were saying to the utmost possible, haha, but I know it’s difficult for most people to express what they’re feeling. I have trouble with that, too. I haven’t met anyone with the same thoughts about love as me, either. I sometimes question if I ever will, but I have let life make that decision for me. It’s good to think about these things, but don’t over think them because you’re going to end up becoming paranoid. I guess the only advice I can offer you is to let life just pave its course.

I feel like my post has no significance, ahhh! I’m really trying to help but it’s such a difficult situation overall. I hope things get better, really. Like I said before, we’re all here if you need us. We’re all kinda also going through the same thing as you or have been in the same situation before, so don’t think you’re alone at all. We’re all one here.