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    *Shadowstriker in this game my name is Omega just gonna tell you know it was several posts ago anyway

    "... uhh where to start" I paused, I wasn't sure whether I should tell them my origin or not. I decided it wouldn't make a difference. I began "My journey started far off east of Unova in a region called Ryanda. Ryanda is a dangerous region, there is no Gym Leaders or Elite Four or Champion. It was wrecked by Groudon and Kyogre raging against each for many centuries. The region was a tough place to live in, very few pokemon lived there and most were vicious being abandoned by their trainers and having to fend off against the region's Poison pokemon. I grew up in one of the major settlements on the Southern coast. I lived with the water pokemon like Remoraid and Sharpedo. I began my journey really when one day only at the age of 7 or 8. I left the settlement to look for some Pecha berries as several of the Electric-type pokemon in our settlement had been poisoned. I found a tree with some oddly shaped berries on them. At first I was confused by the berries. We had never found any berry like them. They were hard and impossible to bite through, there were many colours oddly. I decided it best to pick a few (Pokeballs were not well known in Ryanda at the time and most people thought they were berries) and continue looking. I eventually stumbled upon a Pecha Tree but it was guarded by Ekans. I looked for a path through but I couldn't find one so I got down on my stomach and wriggled as to mimic the Ekans. Of course Ekans must have noticed I wasn't one of them and the all leaped up and began spitting poison at me. I ran for cover but there was nowhere to hide. I started throwing everything I had: Stones, Metal, Small Logs. I eventually ran out of stuff even the Pokeball Berries didn't help (why they didn't activate I didn't know) except for one, a small dirty Dusk ball lay in the bottom of my bag. I threw it but I missed and the ball just bounced past the Ekans."

    "The angrily hissed at me, but then the pokeball glowed a fiery orange and from the pokeball burst out a Houndour. This Houndour shook itself clean and growled and barked at the Ekans, they hissed and I thought both I and the Houndour were done for. It then started digging at the ground and tunneled very quickly. It burrowed back up biting and clawing at several Ekans, it continued this until the Ekans ran in fear. I approached it but the Houndour angrily barked at me, it fell all of a sudden. I realised it had been poisoned and quickly grabbed a large Pecha Berry and gave it to the Houndour. It fell asleep and I stayed with it for a night. In the morning the Houndour was better and seemed quite pleased to have a trainer with it. I brought it to the settlement and everyone was quite surprised, It had been a long time since a Fire-type was in the settlement."

    So I decided to go to the onboard PC. I swapped out Mandibuzz, for Houndoom. I presented Houndoom's Dusk ball to them, suddenly the ship hit something...

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