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    Name: Haruto
    Pokémon: Oshawott (M, Serious, 13) and Riolu (M, Hardy, 13)

    I'm training Oshawott and Riolu to level 15 before I attempt Cheren so I can sweep him with Riolu's Force Palm. Also a friend of mine is sending me 2 random eggs (other region Pokémon). They are a surprise, I have no idea what they will be. I also decided to look at Oshawott and Riolu's personalities and Oshawott is "very finicky" (+ Special Attack) and Riolu is "somewhat of a clown" (+ Speed). I can live with those :3

    Update: I've done quite a bit more now. Beat Roxie for the Toxic Badge. Riolu evolved into Lucario at level 22. I explored Castelia City, got all the free stuff I could and battled trainers in the Battle Company and GAMEFREAK. I beat Team Plasma in the sewers with Kosuke (my rival). I went to the park and immediately found an Eevee! Caught him, now working on his happiness to evolve him into Espeon. Then I'll take in Burgh and sweep him with Growlithe's Fire Fang :D

    Current team:

    Dewott (M, 22), Lucario (M, 22), Growlithe (M, 21) and Eevee (M, 19).

    LOL, just noticed my team is all male...