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    Region name could be "Aeotia" with the "A" silent or not it's up to you guys just some thoughts on it... And i do agree with CREAMPUFF about the pokemon league/8 badges needing to be a bit "bigger in the stroyline" my suggestion on that is make the pokemon league like a battle competition where random NPCs can view and watch your matches etc.. sort of like the pokemon contest in ruby/sapphire except no one will be voting on the winner you can also do this with the gym leaders some of them if not all since in most of the pokemon seasons ash battles a gym leader in front of a crowd big or small, also notice no other ROM hackers have tried to do this for a ROM Hack(If they have then i have not played that rom lol).

    IF you have anymore room for storyliners or just for people with ideas etc i would like to join if not then that's fine. :D