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    First update for my psychic emerald play

    -got starter
    -battled May and won
    -cought ralts
    -trained ralts until it learned confusion
    -did the wally event
    -got through petalburg woods and into Rustburo city
    -beat roxanne
    -saved game

    Second update was bored and played more of my emerald psychic play

    -got peeko back from team aqua
    -got the pokenav
    -got to dewford island
    -beaten brawly
    -went to granite cave and caught abra (telly)
    -gave the letter to steven
    -got to slateport city
    -gave the parcel to stern after battleing some team aqua goons
    -met with prof.Birch
    -telly evolved into Kadabra
    -went back and nicknamed ralts into Lady
    -Lady evolved into Kirlia
    -battled against May and won
    -got hm 06
    -also went back and got hm 01 (i forgot)
    -Won against Wally
    -Won against Watson and got my third badge
    -saved game

    How can i evolve Kadabra? i am using an emulator to play
    The Favorite Challange III

    Completed challanges:
    The Formulated challange
    Psychic Monotype challange
    The Eeveelutions Challange