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    Loud noises rose from the sides of the boat, the metal sides rattled like crazy and the noise was terribly loud. The boat shook wildly, I stumbled too and fro, Torrent and Omega were both on the ground trying to hold on to some sturdy poles. I reached for my pokeballs to return all my pokemon. As I went to return them the boat thrashed again. I tripped over Glaceon, and almost tumbled of the boat. Luckily Ambipom grabbed my leg with his tail. Unluckily my Pokedex flew out of my pocket and into the sea below. There was no time to think about that now. Omega and Torrent had returned their Pokemon and headed to the entrance of the inside area of the boat. There were many people around screaming, but I could make out them calling for me to come. I returned my pokemon and started to run towards the entrance. The boat now was shaking so much that I couldn't walk ten steps without almost tripping over something. As I was running the noise got louder. I was staring at Omega and Torrents faces which now looked very, very frightened. I slowly stopped and turned to see 5 Gyrados raise out of the water from behind the boat. They were huge, bigger than the normal Gyrados. But there standing on the top of the middle Gyrados was a man in Blue and Whie, withe a big A on his clothes...

    I had totally forgot about Shaymin during all the commotion, it seemed to be lying uncocious on the other side of the boat, wherewe were originally sitting,I was about to send out Togekiss to retrieve Shaymin when the Gyrados started shooting water guns all over the ship, leaving some holes on the bottom of the boat......
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