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Ahh! Torrent and I ran inside but on our way in I realized when the ship got knocked around Houndoom's Pokeball (and Houndoom in that sense) had been knocked off the ship, I wasn't about to lose him so I ran outside and saw Shadow standing there being pummeled by Gyarados' I grabbed him and pulled him back, these Gyarados looked familiar then I realized they were Archie's Gyarados when he attacked Slateport City, however was controlling them now must have been close to Archie.

I pulled Shadow and his Togekiss away from the Gyarados and sent out Slowking and Roserade. I commanded Slowking to pull a force field over us all and Roserade to use Leaf Storm to fend off the Gyarados. I didn't notice it until they began to sink down but the Gyarados Rider was holding Shaymin in a capsule. I ran to the side of the boat, I looked over the edge and saw the Gyarados sinking away. Shadow was out cold from the Gyarados, I told Roserade to stay with Shadow and make sure no more pokemon attacked. I grabbed Slowking's horns and jumped into the water...

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