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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post
I couldn't wait for BL2. The DLC is kinda expensive right now for the few hours of campaign it offers.
Agreed, the DLC has been pretty disappointing to be honest. The Tourge one was absolutely incredible; the story was great, Tourge was hilarious and the gameplay was insane. Unfortunately Captain Scarlet and Sir Hammerlock couldn't follow this trend as they were both very disappointing imo. The pirate DLC certainly wasn't bad, but it was incredibly average considering how much it costs and I was hoping for a lot more from it. It does have some quirky characters and the reward at the end is wonderful, but I don't think it's worth paying much for. Hammerlock on the other hand I didn't enjoy at all - it feels like the story was put together by throwing darts at a board and the whole DLC just lowered the whole standard of the game. The new enemies were all very inventive and great fun to fight, but unfortunately you only get to fight most of them once or twice so that was a big let down. I guess I was just expecting more of an actual "Big Game Hunter" theme rather than some random scientist guy's story haha.
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