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Welcome, Jazzykurl, to Pokécommunity! :D

I am sure that you will enjoy your time here and it will be a very lengthy time indeed. It is good that you have many interests in Pokémon, as you will be able to do many things around the site. The first Pokémon game I ever bought with my own money was FireRed and after playing through it many times I eventually completed the kantodex so it was very worth it! xD I see that you also like the Mystery Dungeon series and I will admit, they are an amazing series!
Make sure you check out the General Pokémon Gaming section, for the Leaf Green and Mystery Dungeon sections.

Also, ensure you read the rules section! :D

If you want to discuss the anime with other like-minded people then make sure you visit here! There are many topics there that will keep you involved I am sure!

Please enjoy your time here at PC as much as you can! Just stick to the rules and everything will be very enjoyable for you!
If you feel like having a chat, or just have a question, feel free to message me or go to the New Users' Hangout. :D

- JB
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