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I'm not sure if what you wrote in your main post was about yourself or not, so I'm going to comment as if I was speaking about a random person.

Hmm, I've concluded that the OPer is a combination of (and this is my opinion):

Neutral Good - selfishness and having little regard for others and the law, for that matter.
Chaotic Good - personal freedom for oneself and others.
Chaotic Neutral - doesn't want to/feel the need to follow the rules set in place by society.
Neutral Evil - just because of the egocentricity displayed within the description.
Chaotic Evil - wants personal freedom and will do anything to obtain it.

In the end, though, it seems like the OPer can be considered neutral because there seems to be a balance between their actions and ideas about themselves and society for both the good and bad.

Hope it all makes sense. :3