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    Rutack ShadowBlade

    Rutack felt a sense of alarm coming from Shade, the sense of newcomers. Rutack pilightly excused himself from the king's presence and walked out the door. Rutack wondered at what was going on, as he pondered this, he saw a small group of knights escorting a man into the palace, Rutack quietly slipped though the hallway and when he came out in front of the group, he turned to them and said, "I'll take it from here sirs, nicely done." he approached the group, the captain was clearly reluctant to let the individual their escorting walk with the infiltrator.

    In the end they let him go, Rutack turned to the young man, studying his face, and seeing if he could match the face with a name he has seen on file, a name finally came to him, "Tobi Gustav," he said, "I'm Rutack, it's a pleasure to meet you sir, you wouldn't happen to have a dragon would you?" he raised his eyebrow, the one thing that wasn't in the file Rutack had seen was if he had a dragon or not. "walk with me if you will, I'll take you to the king." as he said this he started walking down the hall, being careful not to walk to fast and disappear down a secret corridor that very few knew about, and have the guards bring him in, that would be embarrassing.
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