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    Originally Posted by danice123 View Post
    I've decided for layers I will be using a system that should be a lot easier to use and a lot more intuitive. Each map will have an infinite amount of layers of tiles. Entities will be rendered over the layer that they are on, and the layer above them, but they will not be able to move over areas with tiles on a layer that directly above them. And any layers two or more layers above the entity will be rendered over them. This would allow for intuitive mapping where the dev just creates the map with layers that would make sense, and the game uses that as the collision map for the map. This does make a few things a little weird, like doors need to be on the same layer of the player that will walk through them, but overall it should work a lot better. This also allows me to make a lot more generic tiles, as I can depend on tiles that would be above layer one having something rendered under them to render through the transparency.
    I don't have any experience in making a new map system, but this one really doesn't seem that intuitive. Doors are restricted to be on the same layer that the player is on, tiles that the player can walk underneath must be at least 2 layers higher than the player, etc. Highly confusing. Infinite layers is just asking for trouble. Plus, how will you deal with bridges that the player can pass both over and under? Changing the player's layer leads to its own problems and would require some very careful mapping.

    I do think that the RMXP 3-layers-plus-events system works. Okay, maybe you could have 5 layers instead of 3 for more flexibility, but it's still a good format. Don't fix what ain't an oft-repeated saying. I mean, what couldn't you map in RMXP using just its 3 layers and events? You don't need anything more than that.

    What you should be focussing on is adding more autotiles (RMXP's biggest weakness), and perhaps let tiles be imported for mapping rather than requiring every single used tile to be in the same tileset graphic (the Gen 3 ROMs allow 2 separate tilesets per map, which in itself would be a nicer way of doing things).

    Originally Posted by Hexogene View Post
    Your layer system would thus not allow for different floors of a building to be part of the same map, right? I think all of the loading and not being able to look out of windows or down from balconies makes the world feel less connected. Using an infinite amount of dedicated tile and movement layer's might increase loading time when a whole region is being loaded, it would however allow for a lot more stuff in the region itself.
    This definitely sounds like a feature only you want, and can probably be achieved with good mapping skills rather than a specific map format. It's also not what the engine is aiming for (namely, to accurately mimic the official games).
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