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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

Well, it seemed those two were getting along now. No doubt Mark had already asked her out, so that could have all lead to this. She knew he was confident in himself! Now, she just needed to take a quick trip around tomorrow, find the perfect spot and let them just relax. Yes, Lucia was awesome indeed! She just smiled and stood up, grabbing her plates and silverware and cleaning them off and putting them in the dirty dishes pile and began to walk off. It wouldn't do to have her here constantly staring. Mark's battle was his own, not hers. Samuel and Roberto of course followed after her as she departed into the hallways.

Tyro was pulled into the bushes. "Oh! IseethemyeahDianaisgettingamanandsuchandLenisgettingagirlheywhydon'tyouhaveaguyyet?" He asked suddenly turning the conversation toward Able.

Diana giggled as she watched his muscles tense up and cuddled up with him. "A wonderful night this has been."
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