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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    This would be incredibly useful but I fear it'd also be extremely over-powered haha. At the moment I think the highest chance of freezing is 10% which is abysmal, but I think a 100% freezing move would be a step too far based on the pure power of freezing an enemy. Perhaps a move like Scald with a reasonable amount of power and a 30% chance of freezing would be enough to help balance this out a little? Or even a status move with the soul intention of freezing at around 75% like Will-o-Wisp probably wouldn't be too over the top... But a 100% accuracy move seems very unfair xD
    I explaind myself in a bad way :c
    I thought about the hypnosise/Will-o-Wisp move which is 75% accuracy I think, and makes the oppenent sleeps/burns. What about a same move for Ice type? A non-damage move for sure.
    Or in the same way as Scald as you said Squeaky. It would be a nice suggestion to make Ice type less weaker against fight type/moves. We know how many weakness they have, I'm sure it would be so useful.
    Anyway. Let's see that on the 6th. I really hope they will fix it, because I really love Ice Pokémon c: