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@Xilfer123- True, but the Gold Tribe never took on the Silver Tribe all on their own. Every battle was fought with the backing of the Alpha Alliance army, without which the Gold Tribe would never have been able to liberate the cities they have. Think of the Gold Tribe more or less like the vanguard of the army, the leading part. Even now, the Gold Tribe are in Cape City primarily to find the Gold Crystal and locate Defender, not take on the force there. They went without the Alpha Alliance because, obviously, traveling in a small group brings less attention than traveling with a large army.

And the Sentinels aren't clueless. This time around they know the possibility of underground assault, but the flaws of which are explained in my latest post. In Eternity was the only time that underground was used for the AA army to pass through as well, and the Poseida Cavern was a new design unknown to the Silver Tribe. Albia's sewers were only used by the GT to bring down the Hyper Beam Cannons, but really no AA army used them in the attack. All that said, they'll be ready in case they try something underground this time, to the best of their abilities.

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