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    Drake paused at that question. Who was he? Dragon Master? Gym Leader? Pokémon Trainer? Daycare Man? Pokémon Breeder? What did any of that mean? He loved pokemon an tried to take care of them the best way he knew how. Chosen by the Dragon Elder with Lance and Clair, worthy of that lofty title. But it was a title. Odd, he spent so much time focusing on his titles he had forgotten who he was.

    "Hm... That is a long and difficult question. Let me give you a shorter answer though... I'm a man that cares about pokemon, and about his friends. Valorie, of course, s included, as are you, Killik, Mana, Lance, Clair, and Asha." he began, realizing just how few people he actually considered friends. Funny that Asha was still a friend... Even after she crushed him like that. "I am a Dragon Master and I run the Daycre Center not too far from here. Valorie is... My student I guess you can say."

    Kiki and Jen

    Jen made a sort a tch sound, looking moderately annoyed. The boy yelped when the trio began towards them and reverted to a zorua form, who was picked up by Jen.

    "Humph, coward. Like I care about your friend, I'm more worried about my own. But why am I wastng time with scrubs like you. I have better things to do with my time. Come Dusk, we're leaving these losers." the ivory haired teenager said, holding her zorua and turning to walk away. Kiki blinked a bit.

    "Um... What a jerk..." she mumbled, standing on her own now. She looked around and smiled.

    "So where are we? What are we doing here?" she asked with a bright smile, her usual demeanor restored
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