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    Normal: Skitty - In Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, after taking the personality test, I turned into Skitty. And ever since that time, I've actually really liked this cute pink kitten.

    Fire: Heatmor - It's really creepy and cool at the same time. When I first started playing Pokémon White, I was really disappointed for a long time because there simply wasn't a single semi-cool fire-type. Well, that was until I stumbled upon one in Victory Road, and my whole World turned around.

    Fighting: Sawk - Because of the TV-Series after watching Stephan's Sawk, I came to like it quite a bit.

    Water: Squirtle - I only came to realize the other day, just how much I actually like Squirtle. I originally thought Octillery was my favorite, but no. Squirtle somehow surpassed it.

    Flying: Altaria - Since I have a blue budgie, and I always thought that if he ever were to become a Pokémon, it would be a Swablu or Altaria.

    Grass: Snivy & Bulbasaur - My 2 favorite starters of all time. It's horrible, but I can't choose between them. Snivy is really chic, while Bulbasaur is totally cool. How would I ever be able to choose?

    Poison: Crobat - Ever since I first completed my HeartGold Nuzlocke which had a Crobat on the team, I've always had a big liking for Crobat. It was one of my best Pokémon.

    Electric: Zapdos - This one was really hard, and I'm honestly not much for favoring legendary Pokémon. But Zapdos has been my favorite legendary ever since Pokémon first came out when I was 6 years old, and it still is.

    Ground: Cubone - Used to be my favorite when I was smaller. Now it's just... My favorite Ground type.

    Psychic: Mewtwo - Most badass legendary Pokémon ever. Truly.

    Rock: Geodude - Mostly because of its name. "Geo - dude" is just... Priceless. I was close to choosing Gigalith as well.

    Ice: Mamoswine - Same reason as for Crobat. My Mamoswine and Crobat teamed up together made the perfect fit.

    Bug: Surskit - I think Surskit's the cutest thing ever. I seldom find anything cute, but Surskit is really, really adorable with those tiny legs and blushing cheeks!

    Dragon: Garchomp - I like Garchomp. Why? Because it's strong. I must admit Cynthia made me like Garchomp even more than I originally would have.

    Dark: Bisharp - I trained one up in Black2, and it turned out to be my strongest Pokémon on its team, so I just naturally preferred it more.

    Steel: Lairon - I've never been that fond of Steel-types. But I guess I like Lairon more, since I one ran into a shiny one. It used Roar on me and disappeared forever, though.

    Ghost: Banette - Banette is not only my favorite Ghost-type Pokémon. It's actually my favorite Pokémon of all. I don't really know why, to be honest. It's weak and not that useful, but man! I like this Pokémon so much.
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