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    Micah Roran ~ Micah's dorm
    Shaka Shaman ~ THUNDER Arena

    Shaka Shaman kept his cures up on Atreyu, keeping him relatively healthy.

    "Heal! Heal Me!" Ryuujinx cried out, "Tank! Tank!"

    Dammit, Thought Micah, These guys are so strong!

    Atreyu distracted the horse beast attacking Ryuujinx, as well as his own Gorilla monster. His health dropped dramatically as he took heavy hits from the two demons.

    "Shaman, heal Ryuujinx once, then heal me twice," he roared as he now took a beating from two beasts, "Once Ryuujinx is at full health, concentrate on healing me, but keep an eye out for AoE's that may hit either of you two."

    Micah focused on keeping Ryujinx alive instead of typing a response. He sent a heal her way, bring her back up to around 75%, and then sent two in quick succession to Atreyu. His health came up back to green range. He sent one last heal to Ryuujinx to give her full health, and then focused on Atreyu.

    [Party Chat Box]

    Shaka Shaman: Got it

    A zombie looking demon was approaching the party, but very slowly. He pointed it out to the group.

    Shaka Shaman: Don't let this zombie sneak up on you guys, he's near our team

    Shaka Shaman: And someone should help Atreyu out, he's not really doing much damage and I don't know how long he can keep up the tanking.

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