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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the Police-officers:
This isn't a Generation 5 remake. More like... Generation 4.5?
I'm using the DPPt/HGSS Overworlds, in a more realistically sized tileset. (I thought it was strange how the doors were always smaller than the actual people)
And I have no intention of going over to Gen 5 Overworlds, I really dislike them.

About the South area:
I know in all other "remakes" the southern "middle path" has been elevated and not low down, but I didn't know how else to fit the ledge in there.
I might just fence the whole area off, and make it the Day-Care area? (Like Four Island or Route 117.)
There really was never any purpose for it, except to make it harder to reach the Day-care, which I think is silly, now that I think about it.