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    ∣ Kiba Kurokokoro
    Mountain Region

    Chapter One: Part Two
    A Valiant Return

    "Kiba?... Is it you?" Shadoan seemed rather bewildered, and... Poked his forehead. Okay, just this one time... "... Blazing Moltres... It is..."

    Despite the oddity of being poked on the forehead, Kiba couldn't help but chuckle. "Heheh, yeah... You have no idea how much I've missed you guys--" He happened to glance down, and the Heracross had charged at him and attempted to attack his leg. Kiba, reacting rather quickly, twisted and sidestepped, so that he could avoid the attack and not have to back away. "What the heck is that about, Jev?"

    "Mello..." The Lucario known as Ki seemed somewhat perplexed.

    The Gardevoir shrugged. "Who is this 'Mello'?"

    Ki turned to the Gardevoir. "She's a Meloetta, seemingly the only one of us who didn't get swept away to that... Hell... Wait, she did what?"

    Kiba gave Ki somewhat of a confused glance. "What, what did he say??"

    "She... Left. She left Avaith to go looking for us."

    "No..." Kiba looked rather dark-eyed. "But that means she's not gone yet. We can still find her."

    Being hugged and then pulled into a sitting position near the fire, Kiba relaxed a bit. He nodded to Irek. "You have no idea... I'm not even sure how I made it back..."

    "Jack, I suggest you lean over to your left, we have a guest..."

    Kiba turned his head over to Jack, again, somewhat relieved to have made it back. "it's g--"

    "Shad... that is not Kiba." What? "If you forget, Kiba looks nothing like this. I'm sorry sir, but we just lost a friend today. If it's alright with you, I would like not to travel with another for the time being. It's just hard you know?"

    "I..." Kiba's smile had slowly disappeared. Ouch...

    "Shad, Kiba had different pokemon. Just let it go for now would you?" With that, Jack turned away and presumably was trying to sleep now.

    Kiba's gaze sort of fell toward the fire, downward. Wow. "I..." Kiba found himself struggling for words again.

    Z took notice of Charlie's glance, and crossed her arms over her chest, muttering, "Pervert."

    Kiba slowly began to pet the Flareon in his lap, hoping for some comfort after that initial shock. "I am who I say... I just..." His petting motion slowed to a stop. His head lowered, hiding his eyes beneath his shorter hair. However, a single tear shed and fell, sinking into the dirt floor. "It's a very, very long story... I'd rather explain it with all three of you around to hear... Where's Julia?"

    Mello clung quietly to Julia, a few tear tracks drying under her eyes. The paintings were a slightly pleasant distraction, but nothing more than a distraction. She only listened in quietly to the conversation, having no input herself.

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