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    Andrew "Andy" Rede

    Andy watched Jen go wordlessly, not having it in him to throw in a last word. He was still /very/ worried about Kiki and looked to her with a worried smile. Taking in how much better she looked, Andy sighed somewhat. Was she really okay, or just pretending to be okay? If anyone knew what it was like to be faking good health, it was Andy. Not wanting to seem like he was angry or anything, Andy instead raised a hand to Kiki's forehead for but a moment before pulling it away again. He wasn't sure what to make of it.

    "Are you sure you're okay to walk, Kiki? After a fall like that... Well... A fall... Or wha-" Andy stopped mid-sentence. True to form, Andy had only realized how odd her question was when he was already half-way through a sentence. Andy narrowed his gaze , his eyebrows furrowing. Was she really that out of it? Or was this just Kiki being Kiki? Andy's usual calm and carefree demeanor had begun to drain rapidly from him, leaving a rather grim person that didn't really seem like the boy from before.

    "You're joking, right? You don't know where we are...?" Andy's question was rather pointed, and he regretted his tone immediately afterwards, switching back to auto-mode. "I mean... You can't be feeling too fantastic if you can't even remember why we came here so soon after arriving, right...?" Andy was so busy paying attention to Kiki, he didn't realize how hard he was focusing on her well-being. No head-ache showed any sign of itself, yet an eerie presence was now hovering close to Andy, almost indiscernible to any person or pokemon.

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