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    Alice Crenshaw

    As many could foresee, Jello's attack had no effect. His opponent used Sand Attack combined with gust to counter it, and with Jello's eyes covered with sand and no limbs to brush it off, the windy attack hit the purple ball as if it had been launched right next to him. Alice was getting more and more nervous, and tried to think of a defensive move that would delay her seemingly inevitable -to her- loss.

    "Jello, Reflect!" she shouted.

    Despite being blinded, Jello used his psychic powers to create a wall of light. Alice hoped that it would help Jello withstand more damage until he could actually strike his foe.

    Jimmy Vincent

    That Pokémon...Jimmy had never seen it before. He hadn't even heard of a Pokémon named like that. Fennekin, was it? Anyway, Jimmy scratched his head after Rosalyn's question and prepared to answer it.

    "Erh, I dunno." he said, "It's, like, rare, and I've never heard of it before. An' I'm sure it's ´pretty pwerful an' whatnot."

    The boy looked around vacantly, then turned back to his blonde friend. "Ready to get outta here?" he said. The ER was unsettling to him, as it reminded him of his first day at the Academy: passing out in his first class. Oh, the humiliation. He shook his head as the memories returned.

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