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Ok~ finally figured out how to reply! (hehe I didn't look down to the very bottom of the page)

I'll try doing the @*insert persons username here* to reply

Thanks helios93 (or just helios) though I still think I made way to many mistakes in it but that's just me thinking everything I do needs improvement somehow. Thanks for the compliment, the welcome, and I reckon that I will most likely get along with someone as nice as you

Yay I have a quirky personality~ According to PMD: explores of time, I have a relaxed personality too!
Ok favorite pokemon... my favorite pokemon most of the time are ones that I have had for along time and/or have helped me do something (like beat the elite 4), this might take awhile. The Cyndaquil evolution line is quite... awesome in my opinion, My little Ampharos that helped me beat the elite 4 and various other battles and pokemon gyms ( I still remember when it was a little level 4 mareep), my turtwig/grovel/torrterra that beat so many water/electric type pokemon, My two Favorited legendarys zapdous and lugia, my darling level Pachirisu that helped me catch 2 of the 3 lake trio pokemon, I have more but I'll stop here.
That is... quite clever of you, I never thought about my username like that, though I really don't actually care much for the move because I prefer to raise my pokemons attack stats then
raise defence, give the opponent a burn/paralyze/confuse/sleeping/poisoned status or use double team.
I might look at that but... me and my friends just make up the rules half of the time or just put the more rarer card on display. Ok I will though I spent 2 days finding heads and tails of this place so I (hopefully) should be fine~ Though if I make a mistake please tell me and I will try to fix it and/or not do it again.
I think that reply might of been longer that the introduction... oops

I'm already starting to enjoy this place already! And I'm sure that my time here will be very lengthy indeed!... Unless my computer breaks down or something stranger like aliens taking over the world or something.
I've never actually been interested in completing the pokedex on my leafgreen game and even if I did I couldn't cause I don't have a gba, so I use my ds to play my pokemon leafgreen so I don't believe there is a way I can trade and so my pokemon leafgreen heroine walks sadly knowing that she will never catch 'em all... but then she remebers that she didn't want to catch 'em all in the first place and runs into a cave to see how many zubats will it take to level up her newly caught pikachu. The mystery dungeon series.... the first video games to bring me close to tears and I'll be sure to check that out. I have read the rules... a few times but I still make mistakes (loads of them) so if i do I will try not to second time around. Thanks for welcoming me and also showing me some helpful links!

Yep, the kangaroo thing is about as saying that people from... umm china ride dragons to work.
I'm glad they made the red/green/blue remakes too! If they didn't I probably wouldn't know much about pokemon and wouldn't be the proud pokemon fan I am today. And if they didn't make heartgold/soulsiver I would of never heard of pokemon gold/silver/crystal... I just realized that my two favorite games are remakes. Thanks, though I think I have to work on shorter replies. I'm sure I'll see you around too! (well hopefully).

Ok that all the replies... maybe I should try to make them smaller. Well thanks for welcoming me everyone~
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