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That's good to hear guys. I suppose that means I'm not sure what I need to change since I don't hear any complaints...

@Khawill: Do I need to eat one of your characters too so you don't feel excluded?~ ;D Regardless, to be fair that's just kinda Lucy's... thing. With a gulpin pokespirit, it's like.... what else are you going to do? I couldn't exactly make her a squeamish girly girl that resents her power. It wouldn't really fit with the gritty world. Arcea actually could probably physically accomplish swallowing someone whole with that freakish mouth of hers, but she doesn't do it because she's simply less inclined to. (If you really care, I can explain that more.)

Actually Hailey could totally eat someone too via mimic/trace abuse, though I didn't originally plan for that. In her case she just won't though. Because it goes pretty hard against her character.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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