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    So much gone wrong in so much time... First, I called out my Gardevoir. "Please, help protect the ship in case those Gyarados come back. Use our bond to keep in touch.

    I ran to the on board PC and made a quick switch. I ran back out on the deck and took two pokeballs off of my belt. "Let's go! Swampert flood the Earth and Salamance Wreak havoc!" Swampert appeared in the water, ready for action. I leaped up as Salamance flew under me and I landed on his back. "Follow that Gyarados! We have to get Shaymin back!" Swampert dived under the ocean and reappeared next to Omega on his SlowKing. Let me tell you, that name is misleading. I had to wrap my arms around Salamance's neck to keep from falling off as he caught up. "Ice Beam!" Both pokemon fired off a Ice Beam that struck Gyarados square in the back. The force froze the water around us, but Gyarados was little more then ticked off. Archie turned around and laughed. "You think you can defeat me? HAHAHA!"
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