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Julia Blackwood
Julia just sort of furrowed her brows slightly at the smeargle, trying to deduce where she was going with this. She still had Mello sitting on her shoulders. All of a sudden paintings seemed to be coming off the walls and the smeargle seemed frightened by this. Possessing? Painting? What now? She just sort of moved forward hesitantly. Twisting her body around to try and get a look at what was going on around her. She was honestly attempting to follow the smeargle, but a part of her brain just... hadn't recognized danger. A hand rose near her chin in an anxious manner, but she refused to lose her cool for the moment being. The smeargle's words, they were lost on this one. She was moving, but at a rather leisurely pace. She even started to backpedal a bit as she made some distance into the cave, intent to see for herself what in Arceus' name a possessed painting looked like. Meanwhile, Ice hopped about in a semi-frantic manner, anticipating something bad was about to happen.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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