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    Originally Posted by PMniac View Post
    Thanks =)
    So what about the list of Pokemon catch? They still say appear on the original locations :s
    Well at least, where can I get Chikorita?
    It would be nice if you do a list and put online or also patch the pokedex with the actual locations.
    You're welcome...I'm just happy u decided to try mah game.

    As for the Pokemon location thing, well...I don't know how to hack in the new Pokemon location into the Poke'dex...And too be honest with u, dude, I really have no intention in making an encounter list for this hack. I don't really find it worth the time. lol Sorry...

    If you really want a full location list of this game...I suggest downloding PPRE from Projectpokemon forums and look at the pokemon from there. or if u want to...u could ask me. I really have no problem in disclosing a certain Pokemon whereabouts, ya know? ;3

    Chikorita can be found on Route 37 Mornings only.
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